• Vognsen Hein posted an update

    “I would really like a concept of insurance costs for brand new owners and am a new driverThe transmission went of my car. A buddy who auto repair explained it would charge approximately $1200 to repair. And so I decided to refuse get another & the car. I terminated insurance on one that was aged & ordered another 1 1/2 months later. The automobile wasn’t driveable. Today I’ve to demonstrate why I still had plates registered to it and did not have ins around the auto. I called & composed a page to the state plus they believed to deliver an appraisal. Technician or photos or tow bill. I donot have a tow statement. Used to donot get out of the driveway. I actually don’t need an ASE mechanic to tell me what is inappropriate n/ picutres and the vehicle of the transmission are ridiculous. I also have claims from neighbors expressing the car was standing and have gotten a prepared est from your man. What more could I do?????? I actually donot wish my license suspended.

    “Can somebody tell me will definitely cost insurance for my buddies automobile just for driving examination day