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    “I’m a 21 year old woman and and Iam on my mother’s insurance policy. pontiac grandprix is driven by me and $200 is paid by me per month for full coverage with allstate. I donot possess the best driving record definitely. I been operating for 5 years and I’ve had 2 speeding tickets”Lets say 18 just turnedWould insurance for a vehicle expense not than insurance to get a small SUV?

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    “HelloTaking my driving exam soon and buying a cheap vehicle (500 – 700) it’ll likely be considered a citron saxo or something similar to that. Who’re the least expensive corporation to cover with?

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    “I simply asked this concern but i’ll incorporate more details——————— About me – I pass my exam 06/03/12 And purchased a-car and insurance – 10/03/12 (the car was a vauxhall corsa) I still have the vauxhall and it’s really protected untull the 10th of March. I am purchasing a suzuki swift nowadays and wish to cover it However It’s cheaper if i have 1 year No claims benefit (NCB). To obtain my NCB i have to wait until the 10th and that I dont mind that what’s worrying me is whatever to some storage therefore not exclusive selling and have my NCB or I do want to promote my Corsa before or following. Is there something a garage may do where i go to them to the day my insurance ends and so they keep it till it ends? I haven’t covered the suzuki AT ALL nonetheless since it has a massive amount out from the income and that I’m depending on my NCB