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    My grandmother took me to a cluttered and crowded shop for metaphysical healing between Fort Worth and Dallas when I was about 11-12 years old. I am a descendant of Chilean curanderas (or healers), so pit stops to new age shops were not out of the ordinary. However this particular shopping experience was anything but ordinary. Check it out to get additional hints on crystal.

    My grandmother, a great fan of crystals and rocks of all sizes, decided it was time for me to purchase my first crystal. She asked me to go through the glass case next to the cash register and select my preferred crystal. It was easy to find the stone I liked. “The ones that are in the corner,” I said. The stones that were round were crystal quartz spheres that were less than an inch in diameter. The lady behind the counter advised me to select which sphere I believed I needed most.

    I was unsure of how to answer. I initially thought I would like one but was then drawn to the second. The lady suggested, “Let’s make it easier.” Select your top two out of the lot.” I chose my two favorites and the clerk then placed one sphere in each of my palms saying, “OK. Take a look around the store. Don’t be worried about the crystals that are in your hands. I guarantee you that you’ll be able to tell which one is best for you.

    A Beautiful Path to Healing

    That night, I brought my crystal home, and I have been a fan of crystals ever since. I learned that different types of crystals have various healing properties. The type of healing that crystals provide is often physical, but most often , people are benefited by crystals spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. The color and the type of crystal are usually directly linked to the healing properties they possess.

    Crystal Pulsations

    I also learned that I’m in the tiny percentage of people who can detect the “pulse” of crystals. I have checked out my friends with the most and am constantly amazed when they are able to feel the crystal’s natural rhythm. It’s more likely to be frequent than most people think.

    The vibration of a crystal can feel like electric current flowing from it into your hands. Sometimes the crystal’s energy can feel cold or hot and, in some cases, the energy may feel like it is rising up your arm or moving. Sometimes, the sensation could be specific, resonating only in an area on your body. This is most likely an area of healing. The best time to feel the crystal’s pulse is after cleansing your crystals in the light of the full moon. Simply place your crystals in front of an open window and then close the blinds during the night.

    Choosing your Crystals

    Knowing a bit about crystal traditional uses for healing and crystal pulsations can be helpful in picking out crystals. However, my preferred method is the method I utilized when my first crystal was able to choose me.

    For a test, walk around a crystal shop and just choose whatever crystals are appealing to you. If you experience a strong pulse in any crystal, it’s an indication that that crystal might contain an energy healing component that you’re looking for.

    Cleansing Crystals

    Moonlight cleansing isn’t your only choice. You can also clean crystals by placing them in sea or earth salt, and then immersing them in water. It’s very important to cleanse crystals following purchase, because they absorb energy and there is no way to determine what energy they have taken in from the place you purchased them from or even where they were before they were placed in the first place.

    Meditation and Other Uses for Crystals

    There isn’t an ideal way to use crystals , as the benefits that certain kinds of crystals can provide differs from stone to stones and from day to day according to your individual requirements and energy. Crystals can be carried in your pocket to clear the energy, or to protect you. they can be used in meditation to assist in reaching specific goals like increased awareness, improved focus in meditation, greater peace and calm as well as be used to manifest your goals.