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    Work shop container

    Container training seminars – serves to set up a workplace for locksmith and restoration job, which are performed away from settlements, inside the areas exactly where design, geological search, and drilling performs are conducted. If necessary, variants of execution of the container-house workshop are possible. The entire list of household container houses matches the requirements users in comfort and performance.

    Container business office

    A container place of work is a great replacement for a complete-fledged developing. It could effortlessly allow for everything you need to equip and organize your working environment. The container office is good for small, and medium-sized enterprises; 3 staff will feel safe in these an office.

    Major benefits:

    Range of motion. The container office can be based in any important place.

    Scaling. The premises can easily be expanded by adding new places of work in case of an increase in the volume of staff

    Straightforwardness and velocity of installment

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